Friday, 12 October 2012

Exercise Guidelines For Workplace

To effectively and properly exercise at the workplace, there are certain exercise guidelines to be followed. This will help you stay focused and direct your energy and time properly.

Follow these exercise guidelines for work place to maximize the benefits of workplace exercise 

1.      Know Your Fitness Level

The purpose of this is to know your physical condition. It is strongly advised that you consult a doctor to confirm your health condition and fitness level before starting any exercise program.

2.      Regularly Change Posture

Leave your seat once a while, do some stretching exercises. Choose exercises that will help you relieve tension as well as relax your mind and tired muscles. Make sure you do not maintain the same posture for a long time. 

3.      Safety First

The best place to exercise is a safe and well ventilated environment and under a normal temperature. Choose an exercise you can comfortably do with the cloths you are wearing and remove high-heeled shoes before doing any exercise. This is one of the best office exercise guidelines.

4.      Move Slowly

You should move slowly to avoid injuries and discomfort. Do not move too fast especially during stretching exercises. Avoid bouncing and jerky movements especially for the back and neck movements. Synchronizing mobility exercise and your breathing will help you become more relaxed. Mobility exercise should be done prior to stretching exercise and then taking a few deep breaths to end the exercise session. 

Be health conscious enough, remember to stop any exercise activity whenever you feel any discomfort or pain. Consult your physician if the pain persists.

 Following these exercise guidelines for work place will help you stay healthy mentally and physically, full of energy, focused, cope with office stress, relaxed and be able give your best at the office any time any day.

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