Monday, 8 October 2012

The Importance Of Exercise In The WorkPlace

About one third of our time is spent in the workplace daily. During this period we maintain prolonged sitting posture using a computer and writing. This brings about symptoms like fatigue, stress, muscle stiffness and tightness. When these symptoms appear, work efficiency is affected negatively. To deal with such situation is why we will discuss the importance of exercise in the work place.

When we maintain an improper posture for a long time, it may lead to occupational disease. This can be physical pains, bad posture, and lose of working ability. These changes can hardly be compensated by any financial gains. Research have shown that people who sit a long time in the office are at a high risk to suffer from health issues related to neck, shoulder, back, wrists and fingers. These workplace problems are inevitable be you a boss or an employee.

Some of the recommended office exercises to perform in the work place include;

1.       Mobility Exercises

If you sit for long hours working in the office then your work is sedimentary in nature. You will benefit a lot from mobility exercises as they improve the mobility of the joints and increase blood flow to working muscles thereby preparing you for physical activities. Synchronizing exercise with your breathing will help to reduce mental stress. 

2.      Stretching Exercises      
Stretching exercise on the other hand helps reduce the risk of muscle soreness and pains, improve muscle relaxation, enhance the motion of joints and relax the mind. 

It is important to engage in workplace exercises to enhance your productivity and efficiency at work, as well as to promote good health. You can only get the best out of an employee who is physically and mentally fit.
Employers should encourage their employees to engage in exercises at the office and at home so as to get the best from the employees and maximize profit.


  1. really it is only someone who is physically and mentally fit that can give his or her best at the workplace. good one dear keep it up.