Friday, 28 September 2012

Aerobic Exercise For Teenagers

Aerobic exercise for teenagers refers to any exercise that involves increasing the heart rate by using the large muscle groups in the body. These activities include running, walking, swimming, jumping rope, bicycling and many more. These are the fastest way to get teens to participate in regular exercise which will help them develop a lifelong habit that will help them fight off obesity, problems of excess weight, heart issues and many more. 

Teens seem to have a great deal of energy and this is a great resource to tap into when looking for aerobic exercise for teens. However, teens should build up their exercise slowly and then increase their intensity as they go to avoid injury. They should also bear in mind that the body will need a little time to recover from an intense exercise routine.

It is important for teenagers to start an exercise routine slowly and gradually work up to a more intense workout. Swimming, brisk walking, jump rope and light jogging are all good exercises to start with.

Encourage your teens to include aerobic exercise in their daily schedule. Make them understand the benefits of exercise to health and they will appreciate it after wards. Involve other kids to make it more fun, it can be a house hold thing. Get them to make it a hobby to exercise and you are doing them one of the greatest favours a parent will be doing to his or her kids. Make them understand that they can beat obesity with exercise.

One other thing you have to teach your teens to compliment aerobic exercise is good nutrition. They should understand the importance of diet in their exercise plan. Let understand that without proper nutrition they cannot get the best out of their exercise program.

Once your teenagers become accustomed to daily exercise, they will be healthier, suffer less health issues and look younger for a longer period of time.

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